Wait until December, snow

Kim Green

As I sat in my overpriced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume Saturday watching ABC Family on my last Halloween weekend of my college career, I came to one conclusion: Mother Nature really is a bitch.

Don’t get me wrong, the first snowflakes of the season are always cute as they lightly cover Sleeping Giant, making it look grander than it really is. But this year those lovely little flakes decided to make an unwelcome early appearance, thus ruining my, and I’m sure many others, Halloween party plans.

Kim Green

I know Halloween was on Monday, but in college, Halloween technically is a weeklong drinking binge with a Saturday night peak when girls don their sluttiest bests and boys just dress up as bananas or hot dogs (why do they do that?). But to my utter surprise, this past weekend, I found myself completely coherent, sitting in my bed with my four roommates, geared in our booty-shorted, crime-fighting Ninja Turtle outfits, watching a “Hocus Pocus” marathon on ABC Family with no one to blame but good old Mother Nature.

Many may have been surprised by this unexpected snow, but my relationship with the fluffy powder often resembles a not-so-funny National Lampoon sequel minus Chevy Chase, so I was not surprised in the least. For example, in high school, I was on a school trip to San Francisco and to make a long story short, the city had its first snow day in history. Yet all I had packed is what I perceived to be appropriate California wear.

I was particularly pissed off by the untimely snow this past Saturday night after I got ready in my overpriced Donatello costume to find out that there was no possible way to get to the party I was looking forward to all week. It was my last big Halloween hurrah, as they say, as far as college parties go. But, with an hour delay from the normally trustworthy Metro Taxi, and my landlord advising us to “wait until the snow melts off the driveway,” I was stuck.

The party was up on the back roads of Hamden that were most certainly not plowed. But a select few didn’t let the snow get in between them and the two kegs and jungle juice that awaited them at the end of the lengthy voyage. I, on the other hand, played it safe by waiting to see if other friends successfully made the journey after waiting an hour for a taxi. After a swervy 2 mph car ride, and a $20 cab fare later, my friend finally made it, giving me motivation to trek through the inclement weather to get to the party.

Call it what you will, but I am going to refer to the next chain of events as a miracle. After the party began and people made their way over to kick off one last good college Halloween party, I hesitated to leave my house because I became completely captivated with watching Sarah Jessica Parker play a horny witch circa 1993 in “Hocus Pocus.” I was interrupted from this fine piece of film work when I got the text that the power went out in the middle of the party. As people scrambled through the freezing snow in their daisy dukes and squeezed every last person into a car or taxi to get home, I was cozy as could be decked out in my costume surrounded by Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael, having my last big Halloween party right there in my bed. Thanks SJP.

Call me crazy, but that is a Halloween miracle if I’ve ever heard one. But of course, with my horrific relationship with the snow, you know this story is not over. We woke up Sunday morning bright and early to get our coveted Whitney Donut breakfast in my Jeep (obviously I would have a Jeep to help me battle the snow), and when we returned, our overachieving roommate decided she would try to venture to the library in her Jetta but failed miserably since we were still waiting for that snow on our driveway to melt. Being the wonderful roommates that we are, we helped push her out leaving us covered in that charming muddy snow that I so love. No surprise there.