Handler’s raucous book stirs the pot

Julia Bucchianeri

Chelsea Handler is even more outrageously blunt in written word than spoken. The topics within her book follow no theme or format; the chapters are firsthand accounts of different and amusing occasions of her life.

The book begins with her childhood days of lying about co-starring in a movie with Goldie Hawn, and ends with her recent experiences of smoking “the reefer” with her father in Costa Rica. Her father constantly embarrasses her and talks about his sex life with her mother far too often. In between the two extremes, Handler talks about her babysitting days when she was 12-years-old watching over a 14-year-old — the thought in itself is highly amusing. Her witty banter about sibling rivalry is consistent throughout the book and everything between she and her siblings turns into a competition.

Handler’s brief stint in jail for a DUI taught her many lessons, mostly how to turn down a lesbian and how she considers a strip search to be way too invasive. Her questionable thoughts about dating redheaded men are mostly amusing throughout, but start to turn a little shallow when she talks about their breakup and says that she was doing a favor to him by dating him.

However, once she starts discussing her “healthy obsession” with midgets, it may make the reader a bit uncomfortable and he or she may want to put the book down–it gets a little weird. Kimmy is a little person who is one of Chelsea’s biggest fans and comes to work on one of her television shows as an extra. The whole chapter is strange as Handler talks about what she wants to do with, or to, Kimmy.

For example: “I immediately started fantasizing about pinning a cape to her back and tossing her off the roof of my apartment building.” It’s a quick and easy read, with some moments when Handler’s comic brilliance shines through–especially when she talks about her love for vodka and her strange sex life. But overall it probably isn’t worth the $24.95 for the hardcover.
Wait for the paperback.