Artist Highlight:Modern Hearts Break Faster

Natalie Parsons

Out of all the local bands in Connecticut, a newly formed band called Modern Hearts Break Faster is definitely one you want to check out. Timmy (Tim Capezzone), Zippi (Ryan Zipp), Frank De Angelo, who is also a Quinnipiac University alumnus, and Nick Abraham make up the band. They are known for songs such as “Bulletproof Lies,” Paper and Pen,” and “Connecting Exs and Ohs.” Just this past week on Nov. 12, they played a show at the Webster Underground in Hartford, Conn. At that show, I had the opportunity to sit with the guys and talk to them about their band. We spoke about everything from how it formed, where the name came from and what they are currently up to. So check out their interview and then definitely drop by their show at The Space on Nov. 29 and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

QUC: How long have you guys been a band?
Timmy: We formed just this past June.

QUC: What made you guys form the band?
Zippi: We’ve all been in other bands.
Timmy: We got the “itch” to form a band so we wrote some songs and came together.

QUC: Where did the name of your band come from?
Timmy: You can say that I had a dream and it involved the words.
Zippi: We just glued the words together and it socially made sense.
Frank: The name helped us to find a band logo too.

QUC: Describe your sound.
Timmy: It’s pop rock with many influences.
Zippi: It’s a mix of ’80s, ’90s and today.
Frank: It’s like Van Halen meets Newfound Glory.
Nick: We basically write songs that we like.
Frank: It’s like the music that you listen to on your ride home at 1 a.m. and sing along with.

QUC: Why should people check out your music?
Zippi: We’re awesome!
Timmy: They shouldn’t check us out only because if they do they’ll get hooked.
Frank: I wanted to write songs that people can say, “I’ve been there.” I want people to be able to relate.

QUC: Tell me about your music?
Timmy: We’re very honest — maybe a little too honest. We want people to relate emotionally. Not to mention, we want to have music that you’ll get stuck in your head.
Frank: It’s really everyone’s band.

QUC: Do you have an album or EP out? And how can people get it?
Timmy: On Dec. 5, we will release our free five-song EP with extras. It’ll be available for free off of our Myspace, which is