QU students get post-college taste

Meghan Parmentier

On Wednesday, Nov. 5, over 220 companies from all corners of the Northeast packed into the Recreation Center to field welldressed Quinnipiac students from 11a.m. to 3 p.m. Opportunities offered to these students included summer jobs, internships, post-graduation jobs, graduate school and career exploration.

There were a number of social service, police forces, government, business, graduate schools and media organizations present. Radio Disney was one of the more popular tables.

“As a freshman I feel a tad overwhelmed, but so far I have seen a lot of hospitals around and a lot of fantastic opportunities available to anyone willing to do the work,”
Anthony Cirino, a biology/pre-med
student, said.

Many of the companies that were in attendance, in addition to being located in the Northeast, have operations throughout the United States–some throughout the world.
Karen Ricciuti of Regional Support at VCA Northboro Animal Hospital in Massachusettswas looking for students to place in a range of positions including veterinary technicians, hospital managers, client service and receptionists. The main skill she was looking for in the students
who approached her was how well they were able to communicate and project their enthusiasm.

David G. Richards, who was representing RMI Counting Software, named similar characteristics when reviewing student applicants.

“We are looking for the willingness to learn and confi dence enough to do so. We’re willing to teach you as long as they come out
of school with a great foundation,” Richards said.

On a resume, the fi rst thing he scans for is the date of graduation. When looking to fi ll his vacant positions, the students’ degrees fall second in importance on their

“You would be surprised at how many people forget to put their date of graduation on there, about 30 percent. We’re typically looking for juniors and seniors,” Richards