The QU Chronicle

Although I am a senior and always use the gym up at Rocky Top Student Center, today I had to go to the gym on Mount Carmel campus in between classes because I wasn’t going to be able to go any other time.

I can only say how appalled I am at the condition of the gym there. Now sure, I am used to these new machines at Rocky Top, but the machines on main campus don’t even come close to being usable. So many of the machines are totally rusted. Some don’t even move correctly so I could not even do some of my exercises. Most of the machines were even missing parts, including the pins required to choose the weight. I made sure to stay away from many of the machines, but I fear for the safety of the freshmen and sophomores that have to frequent this gym every day.

Within the athletic facility, I would imagine the safety of the students is top priority, which is why you always say “Please rerack weights, please wipe down equipment, please do not drop weights,” but where’s the sign that says “Please be prepared for this machine to fail and break your arm?”

All of these old machines need to be updated immediately. I don’t see how this could not be an issue being talked about currently, because when it comes to people’s safety, it should be a big story. Not to mention a $75,000 donation was made in the form of a sculpture rather than improve the things that desperately need improvement.

I doubt I will ever go to the gym again until something is done. – Casey Hebding