From Your Student Government Office


To the campus,
In recent weeks we have seen press and news articles that are unprecedented in our history. We have seen difficulty and acts of hatred. But we have also seen what is truly great about our campus. It is in times of great adversity that we are also met with great opportunity. The events on this campus have truly shaken our sense of community, our pride, and most disturbingly, our home. But let us be honest, this is our community, our student body. Thus, the problem is collectively ours and therefore ours to solve. Let us learn and be better. My hope is that through it all we are not quick to judge or blame, but quick to empathize, to realize that a crime against one is a crime against all.
There is a residence hall that is hurting. There is a class of first year students that is hurting. And there is a campus at large that is still hurting. But with that there is a quiet passion and an ever progressing pride. There is the belief that we can be better, the belief that we are better.
To those that in the past week have been scared, hurt, or victimized, you are not alone. We, as a community, are never alone. And we will not proceed alone. We can be better, we are better, and we will be better, together.
Together, we are the Student Body of Quinnipiac University. Never underestimate that. I whole-heartedly believe in our greatness and possibility.
We are the Legend, Let us Live it.

Sean Geary