Does Hamden like Quinnipiac?

Julia Bucchianeri

When I think of the relationship between Hamden, Conn., and Quinnipiac University I generally think of business; however, after recent research I’ve opened my eyes to new areas of discussion.

“Quinnipiac is part of a progressive-era in Hamden, adding to the diversity of the population, burgeoning small business and cultural opportunity,” Andrea Esposito, Quinnipiac graduate student said.

I will admit that I naively did not recognize that Quinnipiac helps diversity and culture develop within the Hamden community. The major focus between the two communities is Quinnipiac helping Hamden’s businesses stay alive, not how the town can grow ethnically as well. This is a great way to think of the interaction between the two, instead of only seeing students spending money in the local stores.

“It adds value to Hamden as a destination,” Amanda Esposito, a student at Marist College, said. Certainly the value that is gained from Quinnipiac is in numerous forms and aside from the monetary value, the school draws attention to the town and the many things it has to offer. The positive traffic and attention that the University receives reflects encouraging thoughts about the location of our school and the surrounding area.

“Quinnipiac makes us known,” Louis Cusano, life-time Hamden resident, said. The amount of travel to and from Hamden would be dramatically less if we were not tucked back in a beautiful little part of the town, and fortunately we bring a lot of supportive consumers to the area.