Letters to the Editor: Weekends at Quinnipiac


I have one issue in which I hope you will share with the Quinnipiac community and hopefully will bring about change. I am currently a junior living on campus. As a freshman, I came to QU and had a great time. Right now, I am not enjoying that same campus which I came to love. The Office of Residential Life has taken that campus away from me. Several times this year, I have been at an on campus party and have had the RAs either write the room up or kick people out at 12:30 a.m. and it is starting to bother me. They are single handedly taking down this campus.
In last week’s Chronicle there was an article discussing how more and more students are going home on the weekends. Well….it’s true. People are going home for weekends or going to other schools because it is virtually impossible to have a party on campus anymore. Let’s face it–it’s college, there is underage drinking. I recently spoke with a large group of friends and they shared the same views as me. I hope that some middle ground can be reached between the students and Res Life. If Quinnipiac wishes to increase in size and ranks, Res Life is what is holding them back. Thank you for your time and I hope that I can enjoy the same campus I came to know and love freshman year.