Young couples experience challenges in relationships

Lyndsey Wilson

Relationships in general are hard to sustain, but adding college to the mix can make it even harder.

For Quinnipiac students, whether they are in relationships here with someone on campus or in a long distance relationship, there are so many factors that contribute to making it healthy and successful.

On top of learning how to communicate, college couples are also faced with the challenges of finding balance with friends, family, school and life.

Kristen Stevens, a junior, and Ian Lindsay, a senior, both at Quinnipiac, have been dating for six months now. Since they go to the same school, they have the luxury of seeing each other as often as they want. They are a couple who generally spends a lot of time with each other, but they always make time for all the other aspects of life.

“In college, it’s important to balance everything between schoolwork, friends, and your girlfriend/boyfriend,” Stevens said.