Pink’s new album brings fun to the house

Lara Hajjar

Pink has had numerous tracks reach number one on the charts, won two Grammy’s, sold millions of albums and Oct. 28, she will release her fifth album aptly titled “Funhouse.” This album follows her divorce from pro-motocross rider Carey Hart. Pink is known for her in-your-face attitude and is not afraid to speak what is on her mind, often stirring up controversy. This album proves that she still has her spunk and that just because she got a divorce doesn’t mean she can no longer have fun.

Her first single off the CD, “So What,” is heard on radios throughout the country and even reached number one on iTunes. This song in which she sings, “And I don’t need you/And guess what/I’m having more fun,” shows she is not afraid to speak about her divorce. In addition, by choosing to have her ex appear in the video, she further proves that she is ready to move on with her life.

Other songs such as “Funhouse,” “One Foot Wrong,” and “Sober” are all upbeat, sing-along songs. This album also reflects some slower songs. “Glitter In The Air,” “Crystal Ball” and “Please Don’t Leave Me” all have lyrics that reflect a sadder side of Pink. The fact that she is capable of singing upbeat, loud songs and then transitioning into deeper, thought-provoking songs is in true Pink spirit.

With already one hit new single, this album is sure to sell millions. If not, so what?