Exercising on campus: move machines, please

Julia Bucchianeri

Nineteen ellipticals and seven treadmills may sound like a lot to some people or various universities, but those universities probably only have about 2,000 students.

I thoroughly believe that 26 cardio machines are not enough for the entire student body and staff of Quinnipiac University. Granted, we do have the suspended track in the recreational center, but many do not find running nine little circles very appealing, not to mention that nine laps is only one mile, equaling about 100 calories burned.

With approximately 5,700 undergraduates and 1,000 graduate students, and all of the staff that have access to the whopping 26 machines, getting a time slot for one of the machines can be very difficult.

“People complain all the time, especially during busy hours. There are never enough machines and the students dislike that they have to sign up for time and can’t just jump on a machine,” Sacha Khaloyan, a fitness center employee and graduate student, said.

When students do sign up for a 30 minute time block they are often given the pleasant surprise of having their machine taken when they get upstairs. Then they have to proceed with the awkward, “Hey.I have that machine for 6:30.sorry.” This confrontation can go very smoothly with some people and others.not so much. Unfortunate occasions usually involve the person questioning you, wondering if you really have the machine at that time, although you know that just one hour ago you put your two initials in the computer; they can go downstairs to double check.

These occasions can be totally avoided if Quinnipiac would spend some money, a small amount of money in the big picture of this university, and buy some new cardio equipment.