Pilates for PInk

Lindsey Wilson

In support of October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Quinnipiac University hosted Pilates for Pink on Oct. 15.

The event was held at the Burt Kahn court, where there was a table set up to make donations. Donations were accepted via cash or Q-card, making it easy for students to help the cause.

To top off the fitness class, Pilates for Pink offered a great variety of snacks as well as a raffle for anyone who made a donation. All nine gifts that were given out from the raffle came directly from the Susan G. Coleman shop.

While Quinnipiac hosted the event, Pilates for Pink is actually a campaign for Shape Magazine. They have created a program that people all over the U.S. can be a part of. Fitness centers, school, gyms, and Pilates classes all over the country are hosting these programs to help support breast cancer. Shape combines Pilates with breast cancer support because it is something that is powerful and strong and helps support that fight inside to overcome anything. They have an entire website established to help people become more aware of breast cancer by knowing how to check for signs and how often to go get checked. The site also describes the typical Pilates for Pink classes, and how to host one. The Pilates for Pink organization raised more than $175,000 last year.

The students and supporters at Quinnipiac University never hesitated to show their spirit on Oct. 15.

About 40 people showed up to participate in the class. There was a happy, fun, energetic, comforting atmosphere across the entire class. Many people who attended had taken a Pilates class before, but there were also many participants who attended for the first time just to show support for breast cancer. The class was an hour long and taught by two instructors, Melissa and Jamie. Both teach regular Pilates classes at Quinnipiac, so each took a half an hour of the class. They combined some of their own individual styles of Pilates into the class. Each person moved at his or her own pace, but seemed to push themselves as well–as if they really had a reason to be there. All issues aside, there was plenty of laughter and light atmosphere throughout the whole class.

Upon finishing the class, one student said “This is my first time taking a Pilates class and I really enjoyed it. I had fun and worked out at the same time. Plus it felt good to be a small part of something that is working to save lives.”

To get more information on Pilates for Pink and maybe even find another class to attend, visit http://www.shapeonline.com/pfp/.