Ashanti headlines Fall Concert

It was announced at Midnight Madness that Ashanti and The Audition will be performing at the Fall Concert on Nov. 16. Tickets will go on sale Nov. 3.

Ashanti received national recognition with her self-titled album in 2002, which reached the top spot on the Billboard charts. Her album, “Chapter II,” which hit stores in 2003, also reached the number one spot.

“The Declaration” is her most recent album, though it has not matched the success she had found with her earlier albums. The album received two out of five stars from Rolling Stone magazine.

“The beats stick to straightforward bounce or subdued ballads,” Rolling Stone wrote. “And Ashanti doesn’t offer any more personality: When she coos, “I will let you take control of what I have inside,” on “Girlfriend,” it’s not clear she has much inside to offer.”

In a survey done by The Chronicle, 54 percent of students were displeased with the selection, while 33 percent were pleased and 13 percent were indifferent.

“It was a poor choice that doesn’t reflect the taste of the majority of our campus,” junior Stephanie Annunziata said. “Come on, she was popular when I was in seventh grade.”

“She sucks,” sophomore Jon Liauw said. “If you want to look for musical talent, you look somewhere else.”

As for The Audition, Liauw saw it as an opportunity “for a rising band to get noticed,” however, according to the poll, 72 percent of those surveyed had not heard of the pop punk band.

The Audition has played in the Warped Tour the past three years, and their
latest album, Champion, came out in January.

“While the lyrics waver from average to downright bad, the music and energy counterbalance that,” said. “If you want a fun album to get through the cold winter months, then Champion should be one of your top choices.”