On the Paper Trail

Nick Fouche

Rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris has taken a huge step towards reclaiming his title as the “King of the South”. According to Billboard, his latest album “Paper Trail,” sold 568,383 copies in its first week of release.

T.I.’s new album shows his talent as he pours his heart out and expresses all of his emotions on sixteen outstanding tracks. Harris is going through a difficult time right now while he awaits his prison sentence. He was arrested, charged and persecuted for illegally purchasing machine guns with silencers in October of 2007. He admitted he was guilty March 27 of this year.

One of the best parts about this album is that T.I. went back to the original forms of hip-hop and turned to his pencil to paper, writing half of the songs while on house arrest. T.I. was on house arrest after a three million dollar bail was set; he awaits his year-long jail sentence, which will begin this upcoming March.

On top of his troubles with the law, T.I. is also fighting with Atlanta rapper, Shawty Lo. The two have been fighting for over a year about who the real “King of Bankhead” is. T.I. takes all of his problems and addresses them in his new album.

His first single is, “No Matter What,” which shows his resilience to quit the rap game just because of everything he’s going through.

T.I. talks about his arrest and explains why he purchased guns in his song “Ready for Whatever.”