Musical chairs: Bernhard style

Lindsay Roberts

The Arnold Bernhard’s Library is aesthetically pleasing and is the center of the Quinnipiac campus. Its charming bells and modern interior serve as one of the selling points for the school. However, there is a small problem with the library: it is not big enough.

“This year the library has definitely been busier,” senior Nicole Rybak said while working at the circulation desk. “There is a constant flow of people coming in.”

The library can be a great place to concentrate and use study time efficiently; though, finding the perfect spot for studying can be half the battle.

There are many times when finding a cubicle is a fifteen minute process. This leaves students out of breath and aggravated. It is embarrassing to be that person who is the distraction: running up and down the aisles of the library trying to find a space that does not have books sprawled across the desk. With my luck, I usually end up next to the printer, or beside a group of people who are all on Facebook together.

Students who frequent the library would probably tell you that finding your desired spot is a matter of luck. However, there are some factors that students can look out for before they pack their backpacks.

“The entire day on Mondays is extremely busy and the fifteen minutes before all classes is always crowded,” Rybak said.
The trick is to find the odd days and times to go to the library, like when it is raining out or early in the morning. It’s a good idea to think of an alternate study spot in order to avoid the frantic search for a place to sit during the busy hours. There are other places to study on campus as well, such as the common areas in the dorms and out on the quad. Also, the Law Library is a great place to study. Despite the longer walk, it is open to everyone (except for midterm and finals week) and tends to be a lot quieter than the Arnold Bernhard Library.