The Facebook phenomenon

Julia Bucchianeri

Recently, there has been a lot of focus on Facebook among many college students, more than usual anyway, for two reasons.

First, the “new” Facebook has created much aggravation. The “wall” is very different and the organization of an individual’s page is completely rearranged. (For those of you few and proud non-Facebook users, the “wall” is where people can write messages to one another on their respective pages.) But, I do think that the majority of Facebook users have gotten over their initial problems with the “new” Facebook and have moved on.

The second reason is really where the problems arise. When you go to the login page it now states: “Sign up, it’s free and anyone can join.” Now you no longer need to have a college email address or school network to join. Originally Facebook was for college students, then it transformed to high school students as well, I think this is how it should stay.

I’ve gained this opinion from personal experience because one day a couple months ago all of my relatives joined together, made Facebooks and friended me, or at least that’s how I thought it happened. Their ages range from my little 10 year-old cousin to my 60 year old aunt, who happens to be the 10 year-old’s grandma. To me, that is just plain weird. Don’t you agree? I mean really, who wants all of their aunts seeing pictures of them? I realize that specific privacy settings can be made, trust me I’ve changed mine, but overall Facebook’s growth is out of control.

Take this as a warning sign as well Bobcats, not only are your relatives getting to know you a little better from your Facebook, but now all of your future employers can get their hands on pictures of you too. Yes, those settings can be changed but big companies and firms have employees specifically assigned to investigate prospective employees.

So maybe you want to login to your Facebook and un-tag some of those pictures or maybe even delete the majority of them. Or, let’s take this one step further-I dare you to delete your Facebook.

I realize that is probably a stretch and asking too much, but really, be smart about what is on your Facebook. It truly has the capability to come back and haunt you as you try to kick off your career.