QU Advice Box


Do you have roommate issues? Having a hard time being away from home? Long distance relationships affecting you? Not used to the workload? Professors seem impossible? Just simply having a hard time adjusting to the college lifestyle? Chances are you share the same problems as many other students at Quinnipiac University. Living and functioning away at college is a transition some students make better than others.
We are excited to introduce Quinnipiac’s newest advice column to the Life/Styles section of “The Chronicle: The QU Advice Box.
Get fast, confidential answers to questions about anything and everything in the college world. Our mission is to give you the best advice we can with each given situation. We are here to help, not to judge. Think of us as that friend or family member back home that you can confide in about anything. We can be your sounding board or punching bag at the end of a stressful, confusing day.
Feel free to email us at any time at [email protected], and make sure to leave us the name you’d like to be addressed as. All real names will be kept confidential, so be creative with your choice of signature.
We have the experience you need that’s bound to put your worries at ease. If you don’t feel like calling Mom and Dad, or having a talk with your roommate, know that the QU Advice Box is always open and ready to give you the advice you need.

Your Advisees,
M, P, & C.