Eating contests banned at QU

Meghan Parmentier

Timing the speed at which one can shove loads of food in their mouth is officially a thing of the past at Quinnipiac.

Daniel Brown, director of the student center and student leadership development for the second year at Quinnipiac, decided this year to ban eating contests from campus.

“I just felt that it was not safe to continue to allow student groups to host eating contests with competition” Brown said.

His reasons stemmed from news of a participating student dying at another university. John Twining, chief of security, was part of a committee that supported the ban with Brown.

“The issue first came up when a student group wanted to hold a wing-eating contest at Whitney Village,” Twining said. “During their presentation at the outdoor events committee, they advised us that one of the services they had arranged for was to have an ambulance on standby.