CD Review: Plain White T’s make this “Big Bad World” brighter

Lara Hajjar

The Plain White T’s from Chicago, Illinois formed in 1997, a full ten years before the mega-hit “Hey There Delilah”. This song, which debuted in 2007, not only launched them into recent success, but it also gave them two Grammy nominations. “Hey There Delilah” probably drove you crazy considering the fact that radio stations played it every 2 seconds, but they’re back and better than ever with a new album.
Their new album entitled “Big Bad World” has a fun, quirky, new sound that doesn’t mimic “Hey There Delilah”. The CD opens up with the song “Big Bad World” which does a good job at setting the tone for the rest of the album and has catchy vocals. The next tracks, “Natural Disaster” along with “Serious Mistake”, are both upbeat, pop-punk songs that the band is known for.
The band also has some great slower, sweet songs such as “1, 2, 3, 4”, “Sunlight” and “That Girl”. The Plain White T’s even managed to have songs that fall in between those two categories such as “Rainy Day”, “I Really Want You” and “Meet Me California”, which are all proof of how versatile this band can be.

The Plain White T’s had some big expectations to meet considering the extreme success of “Hey There Delilah”. This new doo-wop inspired album proved they are still capable of producing great music. The Plain White T’s are on tour now, check out their MySpace page to see if they’re coming to a city near you!