Artist Highlight: Death In The Park

Natalie Parsons

Do you like the Killers? Then you might want to check out Andy Jackson (lead vocals/guitar), Aaron Holmes (drums), Joe Ballaro (bass guitar) and Ronnie Gardner (guitar) in a group called Death In The Park. For those of you who are huge Paramore fans, you might recognize Ronnie (Paramore’s Sound Guy) and Aaron (Paramore’s Merch Guy) from their days on the Riot Tour.

This group originally started out as a side project of Andy’s when he was in a band called Hot Rod Circuit. But now it has turned into a full-blown recording and touring band with a self-titled EP out, which includes songs such as “Pitifully Exposed”, “Do You Want Me”, “Sway”, “Walkaway” and “Fallen (featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore)”. These songs are tunes that you will listen to once and never want to turn them off. It is pure rock with very sing-able melodies. The EP is currently available at all their shows and will be available on iTunes Oct 21. In the New Year, they will be releasing their very first full-length album. So, be on the look out for lots and lots of new songs!

For about a month now, they have been touring and playing shows in Massachusetts, Florida, and New York. They also have a tour planned to go out on the road with Saosin (“You’re Not Alone”) for a week after Thanksgiving, which is a huge opportunity to expand their fan base.

I could not possibly describe exactly how amazing this band is, so please take a look yourself! Be sure to check out their Myspace at