From Your Student Government Office


Hello Bobcats,

As you may be aware, last week your Student Government Association made a motion to ban the Web site from campus. There has been quite a bit of news circulating about this action, and we hope the Quinnipiac community understands that our plan of action is meant for the sole purpose of benefitting our campus, and making it a better place.

First, it is imperative for everyone to know that we did not make this decision on our own. Over 40 campus organizational leaders agreed with our opinion on the Web site, and declared that they no longer want it to be a part of our campus. The purpose of is to anonymously put down your peers and this, especially after the acts of hatred our campus has unfortunately seen, gives legitimate grounds for students to want it gone.

There are also rules in the Quinnipiac University Student Handbook, explaining that such acts will not be tolerated. The Basic Policy section, Harassment and Abuse (number III) lists specific acts that are prohibited, including “Slanderous, false, or malicious statement(s) about a person or defamation of character.” Also, page 72 of the Student Handbook explains “Internet Communication” regulations and the “Student Code of Conduct.”

The reasoning behind the unanimous motion is to ultimately make our community better, healthier, and safer. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable and secure here at Quinnipiac, and we, SGA and organizational leaders, feel that thwarts those feelings. We hope you understand our thoughts and we encourage you to voice your opinions at our meetings, every Wednesday at 4:15 p.m. in SC207.

Live the Legend,
Your Student Government Association