Is QU Becoming a Suitcase School?

Julia Bucchianeri

A few weekends ago when I went out to do some errands I noticed something about Whitney Lot, more than half the cars were gone.

Now one of two things must have been happening, either A. every Quinnipiac sophomore was out doing errands, or, B. they all went home. I personally think it was probably the latter of the two. Maybe it was just “one of those weekends” when it seems like everyone you ask is going home, or maybe it is a new trend that is starting at Quinnipiac and many of the students go home or visit friends at other schools on weekends. I waited and watched the following weekends to see if this really was a reoccurring theme for the parking lots-it was.

Now I know that this upcoming weekend is Yom Kippur and it will be a long weekend for the majority of Quinnipiac students, so clearly it is an exception and it is expected for people to go home. And I know that some people have extenuating circumstances and they need to be home for certain reasons on weekends. But I wonder, in regard to the majority of students, will next weekend present empty parking lots once again? Most likely.

I ask you, Bobcats, what can Quinnipiac University do as a community to convince more students to want to stay on campus for the weekend? I think that the weekend is the perfect time for socializing and networking. Those brief two (really three,) nights and relaxing two days are a lot more fun than the monotonous daily class routine. I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who disagrees with that.

I would love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected], with your thoughts on QU and its unfortunate transition toward a suitcase school.