Kanye’s collection is ‘cray’

Sarah Rosenberg

It’s official: Kanye West has spread himself way too thin. Although I will say, this time, it’s a bit more admirable than his antics of the past (he clearly failed as Beyoncé’s spokesperson at the 2009 VMAs).

The rapper’s latest venture has involved his growth as a high fashion designer. Unlike most celebrities-turned-fashion designers, Kanye set his sights on haute couture. A ready-to-wear collection for Macy’s may be just a little blasé for the already extravagant musician, but attempting a straight shot into the world of couture seems a little pretentious to me. This is why I am not shocked that his new line, Dw by Kanye West, has been subject to harsh criticism.

Here’s the thing: Celebrities delving into the world of fashion is never a secure endeavor. The only truly successful celebrity, in my eyes, has been Jessica Simpson. Truthfully, her calling lies more in designing than it does in singing, despite her killer pipes.

Kanye’s line is simply a mess; I’m haunted by bandage dresses that actually look like Band-Aids, high heels that are more like moon shoes, and white dresses that mimic makeshift togas from “Animal House.” The collection seems to be a classier, more muted tribute to the ‘80s, but gold metallic bomber jackets and silver spandex pants are only good for theme parties.

The collection redeems itself with decent embroidered and embellished pieces, and Kanye has a good eye for block colors. Its presentation in Paris at Fashion Week may not have been well-received, but his celebrity connections certainly helped his fashionable cause. Perhaps it was due to Kanye’s credibility as a rapper, artist and powerful individual in the media, but Kanye’s buyers speaks louder to me than the designs themselves. Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins, Azzedine Alaia, and women of the Fendi family were a part of the crowd in Paris supporting Kanye, which says a lot about his reliability as a creative force. However, it seems a bit unfair. I suppose I’d just like to see a genius from the Fashion Institute of Technology getting an audience as well-rounded as the one cheering on Kanye in Paris.

Obviously, Kanye West isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and his days as a designer are most likely far from over. If he gets the right celebrity to wear his clothes, he could probably make toilet paper look spectacular. He hasn’t impressed the likes of Anna Wintour just yet, but if you give him a microphone or a magazine interview, we’ll have no choice but to embrace Dw by Kanye West.