New Jack’s Mannequin Reflects The Road To Recovery

Lara Hajjar

Andrew McMahon, who was formerly part of the band Something Corporate, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005 just after the band released their first CD, “Everything in Transit”. Their first CD got great reviews and fans everywhere anticipated more from the new group. Just three short years later he made a full recovery, thanks to a bone marrow transplant from his sister. The band has just come out with their sophomore album, “The Glass Passenger” and it is clearly reflective of McMahon’s difficult past few years.

“The Resolution” opens the CD with uplifting lyrics that are proof that the singer isn’t afraid to speak of his illness by singing, “I’m Alive/And I don’t need a witness/You know that I survived.” Other songs also reflect the pain, as well as the recovery that he’s been through. “Swim” and “Crashing” all have meaning to them. Not only do the songs have a deeper meaning than normal songs, they are also equally enjoyable to listen to. The final song “Caves” is a slow, sad song in which he sings, “The walls caved in on me.” However, he goes on to sing, “The walls fell, and there I lay, saved”, proving how far he has come.
“The Glass Passenger” is definitely a step-up from the bands first album. It is filled with upbeat, yet meaningful songs, which will have you constantly listening. They band will be performing at Toad’s Nov. 16th in New Haven, CT. Go to their MySpace page to find out more tour dates.