From the President’s Office


Hello Bobcats,
This past weekend, the Student Government Association (SGA) traveled to Colbrook, Connecticut to Camp Jewell YMCA, where we had our yearly retreat. It offered us a chance to get to know each other and establish friendships between new and old members. The weekend was successful, as it has been every year.
Since we are in the beginning of the school year, Camp Jewell allowed us to seriously think about the goals we want to accomplish this year, and how we will go about doing so. An important aspect about goal setting was made very clear to us: tangibility. Our goals have to be tangible; something visible, real, and specific. Tangible goals will help us serve the student body more efficiently and effectively.
We also had the opportunity for some outdoor fun. Members climbed up tough rock walls (while everyone cheered on), zip lined, and took part in games of strategy that taught us trust, team work, and determination.
The weekend was certainly action packed. Upon returning to campus on Sunday, we were exhausted, but motivated and ready to make this year as great as possible. We are all very excited to put our plans into action, and use what we learned at Camp Jewell to help us benefit the campus.

Live the Legend,
Your Student Government Association