Twitter trends to watch

Sarah Rosenberg

As soon as Java John awkwardly tells me to smile while I’m getting my tea in the morning, finding new and creative ways to tell me how special I am, I can tweet about it with a cute little hashtag that goes something like this: #javajohnproblems. Before I know it, every Bobcat who follows me is nodding their heads in approval and retweeting it. Twitter loves the little people.

But, besides following your friend’s angst-worthy moments or Lady Gaga’s shout-outs to her 14 million little monsters, here are some Twitter trends that I enjoy and want to share with you.

#quinnipiacproblems Although I have a slight problem with the name (students from Yale have a habit of calling us “Qpac kids,” and I think we have more pride than that), this goes without saying. Although the amount of followers has skyrocketed, it’s still fairly new. Here, you’ll see tweets about the bomb York Hill pizzas, the love-hate relationship with the shuttle, and the never-ending construction on Mt. Carmel Avenue. On a side note, we here at the Chronicle would really like to know who the genius is behind these tweets.

#TrendyProblems Being trendy is a full-time job for us kids at Quinnipiac, and staying trendy takes sacrifice. Take these tweets, for example: “Can you put $52.10 on this card, and $30.02 on this card, and $5.27 on this card, and the rest on this card?” or “Hey guys, I’m starting a non-profit organization for a really great cause! It’s going to be called My Fall Wardrobe.” Sure, it’s a bit shallow. But it’s also just a little bit hysterical and truthful. Once my paycheck is cleared on Friday, who’s to say I won’t be thinking about one of these two things? Shopping and figuring out how I am going to pay for it: This seems like a trendy problem to me.

#516GirlProblems 516 is the area code for Nassau County, Long Island, where yours truly resides during Quinnipiac’s offseason. Our school hosts a number of Long Islanders, and love us or hate us, we make for some pretty good tweets. Reading about Hofstra University’s “lax bros” or the Roosevelt Field Mall makes me feel at home when I am a state away. I haven’t seen a Twitter hashtag #203GirlProblems just yet, so Connecticut may have to step up its game.

There are often some truths to these Twitter trends, and even if they may be superfluous or unrealistic at times, certain tweets will always provide you with a decent laugh. It also couldn’t hurt to follow @QUChronicle either, but us Quinnipiac students are so trendy that we already knew that.