York Hill to be Solar, Wind Powered

Matt Ciepielowski

Quinnipiac’s reputation as environmentally unfriendly may change soon, as the administration recently released information on the new, eco-friendly York Hill Campus.
The campus will house 42 wind turbines, as well as 1,232 solar panels. Combined, they will generate around 334,000 kilowatt hours per year. The average home uses roughly
10,400 kilowatt hours a year.
President Lahey said that, “the new York Hill Campus will reflect our renewed commitment to preserving the environment and educating our students about sustainability
The university will also be hiring an environmental coordinator to “educate students, faculty and staff about sustainability issues and encourage projects that help protect and preserve the environment,” according to a recent press release.
According to Lynn Bushnell, vice president of student affairs, the wind turbines will be nearly silent. The 40 foot tall turbines will be located in a garden area that will have benches and areas for students to relax outside.
There will be several other “green” features at York Hill, including a gas-fired turbine that will generate 20 percent of the electricity used at the site, a recycling center, and low-angle lights designed to reduce light pollution at night.
Joseph Rubertone, vice president for facilities administration, said, “York Hill is being designed as a leading example of environmentally sensitive development that will strive to mitigate the impact on the environment.”
York Hill will feature dorms for 2,000 students, a 2,000 car parking garage and a student center.