Distractions and Detours

Glenn Taylor

Spots on Quinnipiac’s campus are undergoing a noticeable facelift over the next few semesters. The Dining Hall extension is presently under construction, and a bobcat statue will be placed on the new Pride Rock on Bobcat Way.
Over the summer, the foundation was broken to build a new east wing of the Dining Hall that would nearly double the current size of the cafeteria. The project, operated by the Banton Construction Company, has been going right on schedule and the estimated time of completion for the entire cafeteria is September 2010.
Joe Rubertone, Associate Vice President for Facilities Administration, said, “We’re pretty pleased with it. It’s a very complicated construction project in that we’re building a new structure and we’re going to tear down part of the existing cafeteria.” The east wing is scheduled to be completed by May 2009, where all the new seating will be implemented for the students to dine. According to Rubertone, once the east wing is finished and ready for the student and faculty use, the one-story seating area closest to the quad will be renovated into a two story attachment, restricting students from entering during the construction. The new entryway to the Dining Hall will be placed at the end corner of the east wing facing the library, and will be used beginning at the start of the 2009-2010 academic year.
As of now, the construction has extended past the walkway that leads to the student center, creating a detour of a temporary walkway next to the library.
Rubertone said, “What we’re doing there is relocating some mechanical utility lines. That will last about three weeks, and then the main walkway will open again, but next year, the temporary walkway will be used all year.”
The eight-foot tall bobcat statue that is soon to be unveiled on Pride Rock is one of the few scenery changes surrounding Bobcat Way (formerly known as Dorm Road). At this time, there is no specific date for which the statue will be unveiled. This statue is exactly the same in size, color, and appearance as the one in front of TD Banknorth Sports Center, and was shipped to a warehouse after its arrival.
Lynn Bushnell said, “They were made at the same time, then the mold was destroyed, so they are unique. They are made of bronze, and the coloration of the second is like that of the first. The statues were a gift of Herbert Pearce and his wife, Dr. Martha Wood, who are long-time friends and benefactors of the university.” The statue was sculpted by monument sculptor J.C. Dye.
Bushnell also said, “The decision to revamp Bobcat Way was made several years ago and as part of the planning process it was decided to have the second bobcat located on its namesake road, near where most students reside.” The process of refurbishing Bobcat Way was put on halt until the construction at the New Village dorms was completed last year. Construction on the patio on which Pride Rock lies was finished over the summer and has created a median in the street that allows students to walk through or sit down without worrying about the traffic on either side.