A Night With Jason Upton

Natalie Parsons

On Sept. 20, the Jason Upton concert at the Upper Room in Dix Hills, Long Island was a night of inspiration and a time to embrace your spirituality. It was a chance for all people of the Christian faith to come together as one in the Holy Spirit in celebration with the angelic voice of Jason Upton and his band.
The night started off with a prayer and then moved on to a few upbeat songs, such as “Freedom”, “How to Know If We Are Born of the Spirit” and “Lion of Judah”. Then the night slowed down with songs likes “Beautiful People”, “When The Time Comes” and “In Your Presence”. The songs had lyrics that really touched your soul and it seemed as if he could just tell what you were feeling inside because the songs expressed exactly that. Now I don’t ever cry in public, but the songs were so powerful that I had to seriously try hard to hold back the tears. It was an experience like no other. You could just feel the grace and power of the Holy Spirit in the room.
Throughout his fourteen-song set, Jason Upton shared some words of wisdom with the audience. He covered issues such as relationships, the presidential election and abortion. He spoke about a speech that Mother Teresa made in 1997. He said that she spoke about how it is our job to protect the unborn. He also spoke about Republican views of Christianity and then said that “America needs a voice of true morality”.
Overall, the concert was an incredible experience both musically and spiritually. It showed how Jason Upton can go on tour for his music and spread the word of God at the same time. This whole experience is something that you’ll definitely want to check out for yourself. If you’ve been doubting your faith, this concert will make you a believer instantly and the music will inspire you.
If you’d like to see Jason Upton in concert, you should feel very lucky because he’s actually coming to our area! You can catch both him and his band at the Gateway Christian Fellowship located in West Haven, Connecticut on both Nov. 8 and 9. For more information about Jason Upton, be sure to check out his myspace (www.myspace.com/jupton) and his band’s website (www.jasonupton.com).