Artist Highlight:Brightline

Natalie Parsons

At the Sept. 21 Crazy Donkey concert in Farmingdale, Long Island, I had the opportunity to interview a band that has been labeled “one of the most anticipated bands of 2008”. Miranda Lynn Capanelli (MC), Kyle Zavada (KZ), George Thomaidis (GT), Kyle Ray (KR) and Kenny Gallart (KG) make up the powerpop-rock band called Brightline. As soon as you hear their hits “Come On Baby” and “Dance”, you’ll be hooked for sure. Everything from their catchy lyrics to melodic guitar rifts make this group one that everyone will fall in love with instantly. When asked about the band’s formation, making music and touring, they had a lot to say. Take a look!

QUC: How long have you been a band?
KZ: We’ve been a band for about a year and a half.
KR: I just joined and have only played 2 shows with Brightline. So it’s been about three weeks.

QUC: What made you form a band?
KZ: The need to play good music. Everyone needs good music.
MC: I wanted to be in a band.
GT: It started with Kenny and me. Kenny said, “Let’s do something!” So we did.

QUC: Where did the band’s name come from?
KG: I just put two words together and it sounded good.

QUC: How would you describe your band?
GT: Crazy!
KZ: Pop rock with a girl singer.

QUC: Who are your influences?
KZ: Real musicians. People who really play their instruments.
KG: Everything from Michael Jackson to Slayer.
MC: Outbreak

QUC: What is the name of your album/EP? Where can people get it?
KG: We have a demo that you can get at the shows and we are going into the studio to record a self-titled EP.

QUC: Any upcoming tours?
MC: We’re doing a four-day weekend tour by ourselves from October 2nd to 5th. We’re just calling it the “Gary Coleman Tour”. But we are in the process of planning a winter tour.

QUC: What’s your most memorable concert/tour?
KG: Playing our first headlining tour in Maine.
GT: Bowling at the Alley Show in Glen Cove [Long Island].
KZ: Any show that people danced with me.

QUC: Any crazy stories from being on the road?
KZ: The time my van broke down.
GT: We pushed it in on-coming traffic.
KZ: People honked like they thought we were crazy.
KG: Seeing a sign in Maine that said, “Brake for moose. It could save your life.”

QUC: What is Brightline up to after this show?
KZ: We’re going to record the EP and play more shows.
MC: Going on tour.

QUC: What can we expect from Brightline in the next few months?
KG: Some new songs and a debut EP, which will be available on iTunes.

QUC: Why should people check Brightline out?
KG: Because we know how to have a good time.
GT: We talk to everyone at the shows.
KR: We’re awesome and sexy!

QUC: Is there anything else that people should know about Brightline?
KR: Check out our myspace at
KG: Bring us Taco Bell at our shows!
KZ: We love when we stay at your houses.
GT: Mom’s Mac&Cheese!