Law Student: QU Needs to Broaden Horizons


I am a first year law student at Quinnipiac. One thing I discovered rather quickly, and am somewhat disheartened about, is that the university offers almost next to nothing in the way of abstract, theoretical, or purely academic/research-based studies. It has no graduate programs in anything besides that which leads to specific professional titles and career tracks. While this isn’t a demerit, the university seems grossly lop-sided in its emphasis on all things practical and practicable. I was wondering if there has been any voice on campus to attempt to broaden the university’s core identity to include, what I feel, is essential to a university’s social mandate by virtue of the word “university” itself: “uni”-“versity,” an institution that brings all different verses or disciplines into one place. If a university fails at this, it’s little more than a gloried vocational training center and an impoverished educational expression of hard-minded but anemic pragmatism.


Jared Kornblatt