From the President’s Office


Our campus is again shaken and disturbed by acts that are nothing but intolerable. In regards to these acts, the most recent “Acts of hatred”, I’d like to caution that while we seek a resolution we should not act with haste. But still, we should not exhibit passivism. We must move forward as a Student Body in a calculated and resolving way. Something is not right, these acts reoccur in our buildings, on our campus, in our homes and yet not enough has been done to stop them.
If we believe these acts to be intolerable, if we believe that they have no place in our community, live that belief. In the past they have called us apathetic, and perhaps there is no greater indication of whether that is true than how we as a student body – not administration, faculty or staff – but together, we as a student body, respond to acts like these. To move forward we must be certain and precise, be aware and honest, but most of all, be together and united.
Change is not caused by one person or even a group of people, but a society. Together, we can choose apathy, or we can choose to be better than that.
Live the Legend Bobcats.

Sean Geary
President, Student Government Association