From the Runway and onto the Quad

Sarah Rosenburg

The Fall Season is every budding fashionista’s reverie: high-end fashion magazines debut their dreamy fall spreads, the local malls recreate their store windows with new themes, and, most importantly, the top designers of the world buff the runways around the globe to prepare for the march of fashion’s most coveted muses, flaunting the latest couture and flashing the sharpest high heels. In fashion, there is no such thing as predictability, and the true followers know the only unsurprising factor in fashion is that there are always surprises. This fall, the trends dotting the runways are making their way to Quinnipiac’s campus and, naturally, you’d be surprised to see just how easy it is to mimic the styles and looks from your favorite designer, without spending a school’s tuition’s worth of money.
This fall, familiar designers have been tapping into looks that may be simple to recreate. Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen, two designers in touch with today’s hip generation, have dabbled with the back-to-school theme of skirts and vests. But this is not your typical school uniform; button-down oxfords, pencil skirts, menswear vests, and box-cut jackets were hard to miss on the runway.
Jacobs’ allusion to the suit was highlighted with structured cuts in muted colors of pale blues, pinks, peaches, and cr