Zoe Shines in New TV Spot

Daniella Appolonia

Rachel Zoe is a young, quirky, fun and passionate stylist for celebrities. She dresses clients in the latest trends, pairing together the cutest dresses, jewelry, handbags and shoes to create breathtaking red carpet moments. Zoe strives to find that perfect evening gown or outfit with the ‘wow’ factor. More than ever, Rachel Zoe deserves her own reality show to debut her efforts.
Rachel Zoe has been working diligently to establish her name in the business for fifteen years. As a celebrity stylist and personal shopper, Zoe goes for that vintage, dramatic and glamorous look. She states, “For me life is a red carpet. Welcome to my life.” Like most other women, she has an addiction to shopping. In turn, Zoe works hard to support her habit.
Zoe has collaborated with top designers such as Michael Kors and Diane Von Furstenberg. Some of her clients include actresses Joy Bryant and Jennifer Garner. Due to Zoe’s personal taste, her clients only sport the trendiest threads on the town. Zoe lives and works out of the same studio space, so all aspects of her life are connected; which can prove to be mildly chaotic at times. Yet, she has a large enough area to hold nearly hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of only the best quality accessories and clothing.
Fashion is Zoe’s art and her ‘happy place,’ so she truly enjoys her work. With the support of her loving husband and business manager, Rodger, and styling assistant, Taylor, Zoe embarks on a journey to New York City to experience bigger and better things. She is anxious to expand her love for fashion into her own brand label and works to pitch the idea to executives across the country. She has many ideas and aspirations for her line-which she hopes will include denim, jewelry, undergarments, and of course, super-chic sunglasses, her trademark.
In the premiere episode, Zoe’s efforts have finally paid off after she is approached by the Beanstalk Group, based in New York. They are overly enthusiastic about helping her to develop her brand. After all, she has outstanding credibility and expertise in fashion and accessories. She has even gained some insightful business savvy from friend and top designer, Michael Kors.
In the same episode, Joy Bryant comes in for a beautiful couture gown for the ball she is attending, hosted by Vogue. Like her clients, Zoe wants to be blown away by each and every piece she dresses her clients in. So, after being dissatisfied with what she has in her studio, she searches through all of California and New York for only the best gowns. She stops in New York to see Kors where she is overly impressed with his to-die-for designs. She then has them shipped to her studio. In the end, Bryant ends up wearing a gorgeous, bright red gown which is a fashion success.
Any fashion lover should keep tabs on what Zoe says about the new trends. She is fun to watch on television because of her entertaining personality. Zoe’s hints towards the best money-saving options are helpful for the fashionista in all of us. Be sure to watch the rest of the season on Bravo, Tuesdays at 10 P.M. or learn more about stylist Rachel Zoe through her blog at BravoTV.com.