Whitney Village Challenges Transfer Adjustment

Lindsay Roberts

“Whitney Village would be perfect.if it was on campus,” said Chris Brower, a sophomore transfer student at Quinnipiac.
Whitney Village is an eight building apartment complex that is located off campus where sophomore and junior transfer students are placed. Transfer students are assigned to Whitney Village on a space-available basis, but almost all upperclassmen transfers live in Whitney.
“Having a transfer live with another student (of) similar experience fosters a sense of community,” said Cindy Long Porter, director of residential life. “In the past, transfers were placed in random spaces with upperclassmen students and this did not always create a positive living experience.”
While it is true that having something in common with others is comforting, the first week of school is an adjustment for every student. Why not put a pair of transfers as roommates on campus? By living on campus they can also be exposed to students who know their way around.
Granted, there are positive aspects to Whitney Village. Each apartment is air-conditioned with a kitchen, living area, and bathroom. It is optional to be on the meal plan because each apartment has a kitchen. If a student wants a meal plan they need to add Q cash to their Q card, which is considered their meal plan money. Students can also use this money at many restaurants in the surrounding area. Also, living in Whitney Village is beneficial because the initial orientation for transfer students is smooth since everyone is in the same situation experiencing similar events.
Yet, in the long run, being off campus makes adjusting to a new school a lot harder. In order to meet people on campus, a transfer student really has to put themselves out there. They have to make an effort to spend time on campus outside of classes.
“If I miss the shuttle I am going to be really late to class,” said Taylor Will, a sophomore transfer student. “It is never convenient getting to campus.”
There is parking in Whitney Village, but all transfers are required to take the shuttle to campus because cars cannot be used until 4:30 p.m.
There is no arguing that Whitney Village is a nice place to live. However, placing every new transfer student there is a bizarre policy. A big part of acclamating to college is becoming completely immersed in the school and its activities. Whitney Village is not doing transfer students any favors when it comes to adjusting.