LAX Faces Suspension

Andrew Gau and Joe Pelletier

Six of Quinnipiac’s senior lacrosse players will face an uphill battle over the next few months–and it will not be fall training.
Quinnipiac security broke up a party held on Darley Ave. in Hamden two weeks ago, a party that was hosted and attended by several of Quinnipiac’s lacrosse players. The players were found to be providing alcohol to minors, some of them underclassmen females from Quinnipiac.
After a closed hearing on Friday September 5th, punishment was announced to the players on Monday September 8th: expulsion for a semester with the opportunity to be reinstated for the Spring season.
Despite rumors floating around campus surrounding the incident, Quinnipiac made no effort to quell the gossip.
“This is a student disciplinary matter and we’re not going to comment,” Lynn Bushnell, vice president for public affairs, said.
Chief of Security and Safety John Twining stated that “no arrests were made,” but said no more under protection of FERPA (Family Education Rights Protection Act).
One student, who wished to remain nameless, attended the controversial party.
“It really wasn’t a big deal,” he said. “Everything was blown out of proportion and they should not have been severely punished at all. At worst they should have received a temporary suspension.”
“Of course serving alcohol to minors is a crime and had Hamden police been involved, they would have been arrested,” added another anonymous student at the party. “But they were not involved–it was dealt with by QU security. I am not saying they should have gotten off the hook, but a less harsh punishment would have sufficed.”
Coach Eric Fekete and lacrosse players would not comment on the punishment.