Lack of lots

Chris Leary

Just when everybody thought the parking in North Lot couldn’t get any worse … it did. This year has been pure chaos. Not only are students parking in Hogan more frequently, but now we have the Westwoods Lot up and running for commuter students. What a joke. I could sit here and advise you how to beat parking situations like I did last year, like putting inflatable people

Chris Leary

in your car so you can carpool, but I think we’re past that. We need a new system that works.

This may be a bit of a stretch, but imagine this. We number each parking space, one through fifty, or however many spots it seems like there are. Then we start up a website that allows you to view the parking lot and each space through your phone. Then as you park in a space you can “check in” to a numbered spot, just like using Foursquare. This way, before you even leave your house or dorm, you can log on and view what spots are open, when people are leaving, and then … wait for it … shotty the space you want. That’s right, a shotty system in North Lot, from your mobile devices. Imagine just pulling into North Lot knowing there is a person leaving and a spot waiting for you.

This isn’t about me anymore. I’ll be gone by the time someone sets up a complex and awesome system like this up. This is about the students that one day will have to drive around for a half hour to park a mile away from campus in 100-degree heat.

Not to worry though, I’ve heard that security believes the reason for this parking mayhem is because the traffic flow is worse in the beginning of the year, and it will only get better. What I don’t think security realizes is that there are more than 500 new students that can drive with the addition of Eastview up at York. I’m not liking my odds of getting better parking spots when it’s 10 below zero and the heat in my car doesn’t work – again.

In all seriousness, though, there are two solutions to this problem. Either a new parking lot has to be built, or just drive around North Lot three times. If there are no open spots, go home, class wasn’t meant to be.