SGA Elections Wednesday

Joe Pelletier

“Barack Obama has nothing on me!”
So reads Jameson Cherilus’s Facebook picture. The SGA presidential candidate for the freshmen class, decked out in a suit and tie in his default, called himself a “CLASS PRESIDENT IN THE MAKING!”
Katie Fischer, another candidate for the presidency, put together a Facebook group, “Katie Fischer for President,” and stated, “I want to make this the best year ever at QU!”
Kathrin Tofil boldly made her Facebook status “Kathy Tofil is the next president of the c/o 2012” a week prior to today.
It appears that Quinnipiac elections have grown beyond the cafeteria walls.
Five students from the freshmen class put in their names for the presidency–John McCarthy, Esther Pew, and the three students above.
Three are vying for the vice presidential spot, and 19, including the eight running for higher office, put in their names for one of the eight representative positions.
Voting is already underway today, and the SGA Election committee could not stress enough the importance of selecting a suitable candidate.
“In my opinion, if the student government is meant to represent the students, and that is their primary purpose, then it is important that the representatives elected are voted on, and therefore empowered by, the students that they are meant to represent,” SGA president Sean Geary said. “It is important that the student body not only votes but does so knowledgeable and educated about the candidates. We have four years here–you can’t base your vote on the most popular or on the person who offers the most enticing promises.”
Freshmen will be able to cast their ballot on Blackboard until 8 p.m.