What finals? Procrastinating help

Vida Velez

The warm weather is not the only excuse to put off getting work done. Addictive Web sites seem to be a main vice of college students. Though there are many sites to keep students from writing that thesis due tomorrow, here are some popular ones on the QU campus.

1. Facebook: This is no shocker. Checking for new messages, searching for new friends, looking through friends and non-friends profiles, updating pictures, posting comments or reading others makes this social networking site one of our favorites.

2. YouTube.com: You can’t help but tune in and watch the vast array of clips on this site.

3. CollegeHumor.com: Stay entertained for hours with videos, pictures, links, articles and hysterical comics.

4. Addictinggames.com: The name says it all. This free online game site will keep you entertained for hours. Which is probably not a good thing but its fun and better than work. Bonus: New games are always being added.

5. ESPN.com: Keep up with your favorite teams and players or research the competition.

6. Perez Hilton: Gossip with a side of humor or rudeness, depending on how you take it.

7. Wikipedia: You may start on this site researching for a paper, but you are bound to go astray with the multitude of random information available. Try searching any date and go from there.

8. Ruckus: Free music downloads for college students. What’s not to love about that? Even though we might not admit to it, we have all committed the crime of illegally downloading music. So here’s the free, fast and legal way.

9. Accounts: E-mail, bank, credit cards, etc. Everyone has more than one account and you are likely to check and recheck all of them before starting your work.

10. Weather: The day isn’t over and your work still isn’t done, but you are already thinking if the weather will interfere with the plans you have come up with for tomorrow and the weekend.