Peter Bjorn and John to Play at Toad’s Place

Nicole Fano

The Swedish indie rock/pop band Peter Bjorn and John will perform at Toad’s Place in New Haven this Saturday at 7 p.m.

Peter Bjorn and John, aka PB&J, are best known for their 2006 hit single, “Young Folks.” The three PB&J boys are in the midst of their six-week “All You Can Eat Tour,” which features music from “Gimme Some,” the band’s most recent full-length album. PB&J is currently traveling across the country to cities such as Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Boston, Orlando and Houston.

The band’s sixth studio album “Gimme Some” was released on March 29. Both the album and its first single “Second Chance,” were well-received by critics.


The band’s album is “a back to basics collection of rock and punk infused tracks that make them a top contender for best album of the year,” ELLE Magazine wrote in an interview with PB&J in March.

First formed in Sweden in 1999, the band named itself after the first names of its members. PB&J consist of Peter Morén on vocals, guitar and bass; Bjorn Yttling on bass, vocals and keyboard; and John Eriksson on drums, vocals and percussion.

According to a press release, several of the band’s musical influences include John Lennon, Elvis Costello, Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan and The Stooges.

Pre-show tickets cost $16, and tickets purchased the day of the show cost $18. Doors open at 6 p.m.