Album Review: Radiohead – “In Rainbows”

Kevin Rincon

If you think you know what Radiohead sounds like, think again. In Rainbows starts with “15 Steps,” an up-tempo song with a catchy rhythm.

“Nude” has a mellow beat and tranquil drumming, making it a relaxing song. The vocals seem reminiscent of old Radiohead, seen in the high/low pitches.

The band’s true complexity and skill of layering sounds can be heard on “Reckoner”. In this case you can hear the viola, the piano and other sounds that I have no idea what instruments they’re coming out of.

The album closes out with “Videotape” a slow paced song that is just best listened to with eyes closed and truly opened ears. Its steady beat almost sounds somber and as the track closes it makes you feel that way knowing it’s over.

In a word: Reinvented

Our Grade: