What’s on your YouTube?

Alex Hoff

Years before phrases such as “Chocolate Rain” and “Sneezing Panda” became universally recognizable, there was an equally distracting force for procrastinating college students: Nintendo.

Thankfully, under the user name of ZackScott, one of YouTube’s viral bloggers has contributed a video that combines the old and new time wasting techniques.

As only one video among more than 100 he has uploaded, it alone has received more than two million hits. By adding one more to that number you could spend two and a half minutes learning “Amazing Nintendo Facts,” as the video’s name entitles.

These amazing 21 facts include that the word Nintendo is translated literally in Japanese to mean “Leave Luck to Heaven” and that the company’s original intended product was playing-cards.

With the severity of a primetime news reporter, Zack informs the viewer about Nintendo’s first arcade game, while holding his cat. Then he notes that Mario’s first career was in carpentry, not a plumbing, and does so while dressed as the character, with a plunger in his hand.

Yet, the most worth while reason to tune in to this popular video is to see the straight faced host, seductively laying on his bed explaining: “Believe it or not, in 1963 Nintendo operated an hourly love hotel in Japan.”