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    Housing lottery leaves some students room-less

    While some students breathe a sign of relief, others are still left holding their breath as the second and final round of the room lottery draft came to a close on Monday.

    Jessica Lesage was among the students who exhaled Monday when she selected a room in an Old Village dormitory.

    “Luckily, everything worked out in the end. We’re happy with our selection. We think we got a good room especially after missing out on a number in the first round,” Lesage said.

    Lesage lost out on her first dorm choice, Hill, after being left out of the first round draft for current sophomores and having to enter the freshman second round draft.

    “It was very stressful,” said Brittany McQuide, another sophomore who did not receive a number in the first round.

    The biggest problem for those who did not get Hill was adding another roommate. The rooms for Hill hold six people, while the Old Village dorms hold seven.

    “Definitely, needing to find another roommate was the biggest problem because most people were already in a group,” said Katie Bohnarcyzk, a sophomore whose roommate found another friend for their group.

    “I’m happy. It all turned out very well,” Bohnarcyzk said.

    However, while most sophomores ended up finding a dorm for next year, many freshmen are still stuck in limbo.

    “I have no idea what’s going to happen to me and my group of eight because we didn’t get a number,” said Danielle Kopek, a freshman. “Res Life says we have to wait until people transfer out, drop out, or get kicked out before they’ll be able to place us.”

    “A small number of students do not receive a housing assignment at the conclusion of the lottery process,” Director of Residential Life Cindy Long Porter said “These students work individually with residential life staff to receive a housing assignment as spaces become available.”

    “Hopefully, they follow through with their promise,” Kopek said.

    Bridget Todd, another dorm-less freshman, says she is aware of two remaining options.

    “Either my group will live with an RA next year or we’ll all be split up with our direct roommate and placed into a random room,” Todd said.

    The idea of being placed in a random room does not sit well with most freshmen.

    “I don’t think it’s fair because those who do not receive a number get screwed,” Nicole Ambrosini said.

    “It’s unfair that some people are split up from their friends and stuck in a room with a bunch of random kids who are already all best friends,” Ambrosini said.

    Although the lottery system seems to draw the biggest ire of students who still need a dorm, not all students disagree with the system.

    “I think the random system is the best that could be put in place. It’s the fairest and doesn’t discriminate against anyone,” said Dan Dempsey, a freshman.

    Some students also complained about the communication between the school and students.

    “I was unaware there was a possibility I wouldn’t receive a lottery number,” Kopek said. “I was really confused as to what my options were.”

    Though the draft is complete, some students continue to wait for a room. Todd said Residential Life told her if she did not hear from them by May than she would not find out where she was living next year till August.

    “In the meantime, I guess I’ll just hold my breath and hope for the best,” she said.

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