The Bucket List: Quinnipiac edition

Jenny Connell

For Quinnipiac seniors, there are a few short months left to fulfill the entire college experience. The items below comprise Quinnipiac’s very own bucket list – things a student should (must!) do before he or she graduates.

  • Stop at Cafe Q, even if it seems out of the way, and grab a coffee with JavaJohn (a.k.a. Johnny Cash).
  • Go out on a Thursday night into New Haven to Toads and make sure Maxine is your driver back.
  • Go to a Quinnipiac vs.Yale hockey game.
  • Climb Sleeping Giant. The blue trail is the most challenging, but is the perfect setting to take great pictures
  • Call in to the campus radio station, WQAQ. DJ’s would love more input from the campus.
  • Go to the Relay for Life event on campus one year. Even if you can barely stay awake all night, you won’t regret the missed sleep.
  • The night you turn 21 invite everyone you know to Aunt Chilada’s. But be safe!
  • Attend a Battle of the Bands night in Alumni Hall.
  • Pack four energy drinks to bring to the library for an all-nighter. Pass that test and go back to bed for the rest of the day.

What are some other “must-dos” for QU students?  Leave your answer in the comments!