Album Review: R.E.M. – “Accelerate”

Jason Braff

Why it rocks: After their 2004 album “Around the Sun” flopped and only sold 300,000 copies, it looks like R.E.M. has rebounded with their newest effort. Rolling Stone magazine gave “Accelerate” 4 stars, saying that Michael Stipe hasn’t sounded so good since “the Reagan Administration.”

However the album lacks the creativeness we are so used to hearing from R.E.M.; especially in their faster paced songs. The best songs on the album really magnify the lyric writing abilities of Michael Stipe, and R.E.M.’s artistic side.

Some of the songs are simply not very good, such as “Sing for the Submarine,” but they really hit the spot with “Until the Day is Done,” the best song on the album.

Songs Worth Downloading: “Until the Day is Done”

“Mr. Richards”

“Supernatural Superserious”

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