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Eastview: Sweaters in September

Nicole Fano

Every morning for the past week, I wake up in my 10-foot-8-inch by 7-foot-8-inch bedroom. I put on my glasses, check my cell phone, and it takes me a moment to comprehend the fact that for the first time in my college career, I have a single room all to myself.

Congratulations, Quinnipiac; you finally got it right with Eastview senior housing.

I live in a five-person apartment on the nearly-completed York Hill campus. Quinnipiac’s beautiful housing was one of the many reasons I loved this school — but after poor design in Crescent Hall, I was skeptical about living in Eastview. Although Eastview aesthetically resembles the neighboring Crescent, inside features include several envy- worthy upgrades.

For starters, due to the air conditioning units in every room, my roommates and I had to break out our sweatshirt collections early — not that I’m complaining. I remember those humid, sticky days and sleepless nights all too clearly. A/C in Eastview is a beautiful thing.

One of the many complaints with the Crescent, which remains a topic of annoyance, is the ridiculously small kitchen sink which most notably resembles the play kitchen I used as a 7-year-old. In Eastview, the sinks have finally been upgraded to a normal size and can fit more than just one dinner plate.

Upon my arrival to Eastview, I was prepared for the worst in terms of the size of my single room. Slightly claustrophobic, I was surprised to see that my single, although small, is not the coffin-sized cell I was expecting. No, I don’t have enough extra space for “activities,” but as a girly girl I have plenty of room for the important things — clothes, shoes, hair products, and jewelry.

I also appreciate Eastview’s general proximity to the Rocky Top Student Center, the shuttle stop, and the parking garage. If I want to avoid the jungle that is the North Lot on Mount Carmel, I have the option to do so.

Upon my move-in, I was greeted by Dennis Lue Yat, the Interim Assistant Director of Residential Life. He said he was in the process of organizing senior parking for Eastview residents. I already feel that I’m receiving the special treatment every senior believes he or she deserves. At the York Hill campus, I truly feel that my voice and opinions are valued.

I was also greeted by my community assistant, who happily handed me a magnetic bottle opener for my refrigerator. “Now that you’re a senior, you can drink,” she said. Finally, it seems that this year my room can party in peace.

Although I have only lived in Eastview for about a week, I commend Quinnipiac for carefully listening to past student complaints, and correcting them in this brand new building.

I understand why many upperclassmen can’t wait to move off campus into houses and apartments, but I couldn’t be more impressed by what Eastview senior housing has to offer.

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