‘Take full advantage of college’

Matt Busekroos

Three years ago, I moved into my triple in Irmagarde Tator Hall as an unsuspecting freshman not knowing what the next few years of my life would be like.

I remember my face breaking out in acne the night before move-in and thinking, “Great, I’ll have a new nickname – ‘Pizza Face.’” Luckily, “Pizza Face” is a name reserved for me only on late Saturday nights at Yorkside Pizza in New Haven.

If I could, I would go back and tell that freshman the next three years would be some of the best years of my life.

Now that my final year as an undergraduate has begun, I want to make sure everyone takes full advantage of their college career.

Homework and attending classes is your first priority. That’s why you’re here. Study hard, work diligently and focus on your goal of obtaining a bachelor’s in your chosen field.

Make sure to get involved. I joined the Chronicle editorial board the first week of my freshman year. I made some of my first friends at college on the Chronicle and I’ve sincerely treasured those relationships. Whether you’re new to campus this fall or a senior, it’s not too late to get involved. The Involvement Fair is held today from 4 to 6 p.m. on the Quad.

This is an exciting year for the Chronicle, and it’s a thrill to see how far we’ve come since my freshman year. You can do a lot in your time at Quinnipiac, and I like to think I’ve made the most of mine here so far.

Aside from our new website, QUChronicle.com, the Chronicle is also planning ahead for the year. Expect new editions of our “This is Me” profile series in the upcoming weeks. “This is Me” is a diversity initiative that began last year within the Department of Residential Life. The Chronicle has adapted the format, profiling the unique individuality of students and faculty on campus.

Lastly, have some fun and stay safe. This is the best time of your life to cultivate lifelong friendships. I feel lucky to look at my friends now, and I can count on them for anything. They’re my rock and I know they will be in my life for years to come.