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Dear Doc,

I’ve been seeing my guy for about six months but we go to different schools. He’s got a girl best friend that he’s had since high school, which isn’t a big deal since I don’t really get jealous. But everyone tells me that I’m crazy for not worrying about her, because apparently she is like in love with him, according to some mutual friends. Should I be worried?

Sincerely, Jealous or Not


Dear Jealous or Not,

Kudos for being able to maintain a long distance relationship. It’s tough when face-to-face communication is replaced with Facebook pokes (actually, does anyone actually use the ‘poke’ feature anymore?) Here’s the thing with guys with girl best friends. Sometimes, one of them is in love with the other. Not always, but sometimes. The person who is the love recipient either has no idea or pretends to have no idea to avoid awkward circumstances.

Talk to your guy and say, “Listen: A couple of people have told me your best friend [insert her name here, just so he knows exactly who you’re talking about and can’t pretend to misunderstand] is totally in love with you. I don’t really care, but have you noticed? Maybe you should casually remind her that you have a hot, smoking girlfriend who’s fantastic in bed.” Having that quick convo will bring to his attention that you are aware of the situation, but doesn’t make you sound like a crazy, psycho, jealous girlfriend.

Sincerely, Doc


Dear Doc,

I think I’m allergic to latex, but obviously still want to be safe and not get STDs and pregnant. Do other kinds of condoms actually work?

Sincerely, Need to Know


Dear Need to Know,

Well done for wanting to practice safe sex! It makes your sex life way easier when you don’t have to worry about such silly things as babies. If this were “Whose Line,” Drew Carey would you give a thousand points.

First just check that you are truly allergic to latex, because in reality, only one percent of the general population actually has the allergy.

If you do get the itch with the plastic, no big deal. Other contraceptive methods like the birth control pill or intrauterine contraceptive devices are effective for preventing pregnancy, but alas, you still risk getting a nasty sexually transmitted infection. So you could try polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms, which are plastic like latex but made of a different kind.

You may have heard of the virtues of lamb skin condoms, but don’t be fooled! They only protect against pregnancy, not STIs because of their particularly porous nature. Same goes for other animal membranes, just don’t do it.

Bottom line: If you’re allergic, go for other kinds of plastic. Just not Saran Wrap.

Sincerely, Doc


Dear Doc,

How do the sexual bases go?

Sincerely, Up For Bat


Dear Up For Bat,

Here’s my rule of thumb. First base is kissing, second is up the shirt. Third is down the pants, and a home run is well, root root root for the home team.

Sincerely, Doc