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    Housing lottery madness begins

    March Madness is here again, but for Quinnipiac students the madness is all about the room lottery draft, which determines where students will be living next year.

    The lottery consists of two rounds. Students receive either one or two points based on the amount of credits they have. Those with enough credits to be considered sophomores receive two points, while those considered freshmen get one point. Mixed groups are placed in the first round but usually receive a lower pick because of the lack of points the freshman in the group bring to the table.

    Each student forms a group and then must submit their group into the lottery. On March 26 those in the first round made their picks for either Mountainview, Hill, or Village which hold eight, six, and seven people per room, respectively.

    “I was very happy with the No.r 12 pick because we still got the exact room we wanted,” said Scott Melchiorri, a sophomore who will be living in Hill next year.

    Not every student was as lucky as Melchiorri.

    With only so many dorms available for six-person groups, some students did not receive a number. These students have to add people to their group and re-enter the draft in the second round.

    Melchiorri believed the current random system is still the best.

    “This is the fairest because it’s completely random so everybody has an equal chance at getting anything,” he said.

    Jessica Lesage, a sophomore, wasn’t so lucky. She didn’t receive a number in the housing lottery, nor did she recieve one last year.

    “If you don’t get a number one year, I think you should automatically get one next year,” Lesage said.

    “I think you should get higher standing based on years on campus rather than college credits. Also, every sophomore should have a room before any freshmen get picks.”

    Brittany McQuide, a sophomore, also missed out on a number.

    “They should make the system based entirely on seniority,” McQuide said.

    Even students who received a pick believe the system could be better.

    “We didn’t go for Hill because we didn’t want to miss it and be forced into complex or a triple,” sophomore Sean Lawlor said.

    He believes Village, Hill, and Mountainview should all hold the same amount of students in each room.

    “Everyone in the school should get a number before they form groups and sign up,” suggested Tom Burns, a sophomore physical therapy major, “Then you would know what dorm building you could get in and how many kids you would need in your group.”

    Al Zenie, a sophomore, had to separate his group of eight because neither Hill or Village house eight, and the group already lived in Mountainview this year.

    “I was disappointed about the lottery… I wouldn’t have minded living in Mountainview again, but everyone else in my room felt we needed to move up in the house ranking system with Hill or New Village,” Zenie said.

    The lottery room process will be completed next week with the second round, consisting of freshmen and those who didn’t receive a number in the first round.

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