Album Review: Danity Kane – “Welcome to the Dollhouse”

Matthew DeMello

Why it doesn’t rock:

If you’ve been watching “Making The Band 4,” you know Diddy’s been keeping a short leash on these girls. Apparently, on the first record, Sean Combs felt the girls looked like “ho’s” and now they need to tone their image to be more fashion conscious. Welcome to the Dollhouse? More like a hostel from the sounds of “Striptease.” Is “2 of You” asking for a three way? Despite the contradiction, “Lights Out” sports a pretty sweet synthesizer lead via Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” and “Damaged” is destined to do well at Toad’s. That alone can guarantee a fifth season of MTB featuring Danity Kane. The rest of “Dollhouse” just makes you wish Aaliyah hadn’t died in a plane crash so she can get pissed that MTV turned the R&B version of O-Town. Not even Missy Elliott’s cameo can give these reality show winners any dignity or imagination.

Songs Worth Downloading: “Damaged”

“Lights Out”

“Key to My Heart”

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